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Scientific Computing, Master of Science (M.Sc.)

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The New Master's Programme Scientific Computing!

The University of Bayreuth will be offering a new elite programme of study starting in Winter Semester 2019: Scientific Computing is one of only two new programmes of study to receive Bavarian funding in the scope of the Elite Network of Bavaria. The field of scientific computing addresses the mathematical modelling and efficient numerical computation of complex problems from technology, economics, and the natural sciences.

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Today's product research and development would be unthinkable without numerical simulations using computers. Specific applications of scientific computing range from crash tests to electromagnetic compatibility, optimization of fuel cells, calculating prices of financial derivatives, and the simulation of biological processes.

This new international degree programme in mathematics will enable the University of Bayreuth to prepare highly talented students for future challenges in the field of numerical simulation.

Some additional information (Poster, Flyer, etc.) can be found in the download area.

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