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2. Modelling Week, 2020

The second Modelling Seminar took place at the Chair of Scientific Computing at the University of Bayreuth in late October.

Supervisor: Thomas Rau (Scientific Computing), Maximilian Bauer (Scientific Computing)

Location: Chair of Scientific Computing

Participants: 4 Students of the master's programme Scientific Computing


1. A Ship's Movement in Free Water

The aim of this topic was to simulate the movement of a boat being hit head-on by light waves in otherwise relatively calm conditions. While the dynamics of the surrounding water, modelled by the Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equation, and its interaction with the boat was handled by software provided by the industry partner, the students had to model the motion of the boat assuming it was a rigid body. The resulting system of ordinary differential equations then had to be solved with the Newmark method, using different parameters.

2. The finite- and beam-element-method in spring simulations

The students had to examine in this topic how beam elements known from structural mechanics can be used to compute deformations and stresses in springs and how good the solution is in comparison to a classical finite element method. The main focus in this seminar is the calculation of stresses and how they compare with a hexaedral net. This seminar was also supported by an industrial partner.

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