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Programming and C/C++


Though Python and the Matlab Programming language are wildly used by researchers and engineers, C and it's extension C++ are probalby the most important programming languages in scientific computing. The core solvers of most Finite-Element-, CFD- and other Simulation-Software-Packages, are written in those languages. Since the development and implementation of mentioned routines is one of the main focus of this master's programme, there is no way around C/C++. At the latest you will have to code in C/C++ at the end of your first semester during the "Practical Course on Parallel Numerical Methods".

Where to start?

If C/C++ is new to you, this tutorial is a good starting point.

In order to get the most out of your preparation time, we recommend to start programming in C/C++ using Linux as OS. Use an editor or IDE of choice to edit the cpp-files but compile and run them in the console. That way you learn the basics in C/C++ and Linux simultaneously.

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