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What is LaTeX?

LaTeX is a typesetting system for the creation of documents and presentations. It became de facto standard for publications in the field of mathematics. In contrast to the "What You See Is What You Get" programs like Microsoft Word you "code and compile" LaTeX-files to create e.g. pdf-documents.

Why should you use LaTeX?

At first glance LaTeX can be quite intimidating. You need serveral programs just to get going and then you have to "code" your report. But the initial effort will pay off fairly quickly. At the latest when you write master thesis, you want to know LaTeX. While you probably can get advanced mathe formulas, equations, numbering citations and bibliography working in Microsoft Word, those things are far easier in LaTeX. And it looks better, too.

Your Microsoft Office skills are not wasted. In a nutshell: LaTeX will carry you through your acacemic career. Microsoft Office skills will get you a job in the industry.

How to learn LaTeX?

Probably all information you need, including how to install LaTeX on your system, can be found in "The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX". Click here for a video tutorial.

Additionally, the Chair of Applied Mathematics provides some useful LaTeX-materials, especially the templates for reports, thesis and presentation found in the ZIP-Archiv. Currently, they are only available in German. English templates are available in the section below.


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