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Here can be found some of the frequently asked questions and answers from the last application phases.

1. How does the selection of applicants work?Hide

The formal and professional admission requirements are checked first. This is followed by an eligibility procedure (see examination regulations), which is carried out by the selection committee. Here, either admission can be granted immediately or an invitation to an interview can be issued. If an interview is conducted, this decides on admission or rejection.

2. ​How long does it take to receive notification of an admission?Hide

This depends on how an interview is conducted. The selection panel usually meets twice per application phase: once halfway through and once at the end. If there is an immediate admission, the notification of admission will go out at approximately this time. If an interview is conducted, this will take another two or three weeks, as there must be a certain amount of time between the invitation and the appointment (see examination regulations). 

​3. How do I know what stage my application is at?Hide

In the self-service view in CampusOnline, the status of the application can be viewed at any time.

4. What types of English language certificates are accepted?Hide

Admission to the elite Scientific Computing program requires English proficiency at level B2. 

The best proof of this knowledge is a valid test certificate such as TOEFL or IELTS. 

A letter from the previous university confirming that the language of instruction in the current or completed program is English will also be accepted.

For German applicants, the school-leaving certificate ("Abitur") is a sufficient proof of the required English language skills.

5. Do the German language skills (at level A1) have to be proven directly for the application?Hide

No. German language skills can also be proven during the elite master's program Scientific Computing. For this purpose, language courses can be taken at the University of Bayreuth, for example. The final time for the proof of German language skills is the end of the second semester. 

6.​ What is needed to convert my final grade into the German grading system?Hide
  • The final grade of your degree.
  • The best possible grade in your program. 
  • The lowest grade to pass your program. 

You can enter this information into the application form available in CampusOnline when you create your application and have your grade converted. Alternatively, you can send us the above information and we will convert your grade.

7. What lectures, courses, or topics count towards numerical mathematics?Hide

Numerical mathematics includes topics such as the numerical solution of linear/non-linear systems of equations, interpolation, the numerical calculation of eigenvalues, numerical integration, etc.

Basic mathematics courses such as calculus or linear algebra do not count towards the required knowledge of numerical mathematics.

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