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Scientific Computing, Master of Science (M.Sc.)

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Date News
20.11.2023 Prof. Dr. Jochen Garcke from the Univeristy of Bonn and Fraunhofer SCAI speaks about "Machine Learning for the analysis of car crash simulations"
18.09.2023 Introductory Meeting, Pre-Course and Get-Together Winter Term 2023/2024
16.08.2023 5. Modeling Seminar 2023 - Final Presentations
05.06.2023 Prof. Dr. Helmut Harbrecht from the Univeristy of Basel speaks about "Samplet based kernel matrix compression"
04.05.2023 5. Modeling Seminar 2023 - Topic Presentation and Selection
02.05.2023 Dr. Andreas A. Buchheit from Saarland University speaks about "Exact Comtinuum Representation of Long-range Interacting Systems and Emerging Exotic Phases in Unconventional Superconductors"
27.03.2023 Introductory Meeting, Pre-Course and Get-Together Summer Term 2023
13.02.2023 Reports from the Elite Master's Progarm Scientific Computing
03.02.2023 Practical Parallel Programming 2023
24.01.2023 4. Status Seminar 2023

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